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What we do

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Let's Reinvent is a powerhouse of highly impact-driven and ambitious changemakers tackling the unconventional global challenges of today.


We deep dive, demystify and decode the solutions to the causes that matter  - a sustainable future where we celebrate our differences, sustain cultural understanding and environmental impact, catapult our learning development and ethical tech adaptation whilst putting a premium on our conscious wellbeing.

We are committed to creating opportunities especially for people of underrepresented groups, women and youth to enable them to become leaders of our tech-driven future.

We are a diverse group of remarkable individuals and we actively work with international partners and collaborators to amplify our platform to reach a wider audience across the globe.

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Current Programmes

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Our Impact



Our reach extends to 16 countries across four regions globally through our weekly series of Reinventors Workshops and podcast which currently has 2k audience where 7 out of 10 participants to our programmes are female and non-binary.



Through our partnership with Low Carbon City, we co-organise two main climate-driven initiatives: the 100 Global Climate Solutions Festival and a series of online course for young global leaders, reading around 200k individuals across 150 countries.



We are committed to supporting the adaptation of digital technology, growth mindset, youth leadership and diversity & inclusion to promote peace, progress and global citizenship.

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