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Let's Reinvent and Artdialogo Asia: Partnership in tech-driven creative initiatives

We are pleased to confirm that Let's Reinvent and Artdialogo Asia are teaming up to work on delivering programmes enablingmore young people across Europe and Asia to promote cross-cultural understanding, global citizenship, and awareness of our potential to reinvent the colours of our future.

On the 17th of October 2020, Artdialogo Asia Founder Karina Jardin was invited to speak about her journey becoming a youth leader and activitist in promoting youth rights and empowerment. She was invited and interviewed by Let's Reinvent Founders, Bien King and Claudie Bell. They immediately felt the synergy to work further together and began discussing projects that they can deliver across Europe and Asia in 2021.

With the mutual desire to increase opportunities and awareness among women and youth of diverse backgrounds, the collaboration would further explore creative initiatives whilst embracing digital technology as the key driver in facilitating interactive engagement in the new normal brought by the covid pandemic.

A few projects lined up are: mural painting in London, creative tech platform for professional artists, and ART-I-CULATE - a 6-month long programme enabling 40 young people from all regions of the UK and 5 ASEAN countries to undergo digital masterclasses, art collaborations, art collection publication and exhibition to boost cultural understanding and artistic development in the tech-driven future.

From left to right, Anna Karina Jardin, Bien King, and Claudie Bell.


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