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Our Mission

Let’s Reinvent is on a mission to raise awareness and opportunities globally for women, youth and people of underrepresented backgrounds to thrive in the tech-driven future.

We are entering a new era where technology disrupts the way we think, live, and work.  However, not even half of the global tech workforce is represented by women and people of colour in today's world. It is therefore of significant importance to take a robust collective action to generate awareness and opportunities to successfully onboard a full representation of the different segments of our society into the future of technology.

Let’s Reinvent tackles the challenge by offering free and low-cost mentorships, digital skills training workshops, global youth forum and many others in collaboration with like-minded individuals and organisations in the UK and across the globe.

Our Values


Our ambitions keep us
grounded and keep us going
to achieve success.


We make sure that all our actions are conscious about the impact on people, community and environment.


Failures are part of our journey. Our impact is defined by our ability to be resilient to continue despite challenges, big or small.

Our Team

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Maisie Barlow

Artistic Director

Maisie has worked as a performer in the last 10 years with experience in both theatre and film garnering awards and received an official commendation for acting from the National Student Drama Festival. She is a certified life coach and has an advanced diploma in the Therapeutic and Educative Application of the Arts. She works across various art forms including writing, poetry, painting, and digital performance arts.


Tuanne Mac

Digital Marketing Director

Tuanne is an experienced Digital Marketing expert with over 12 years of experience working for national and global brands, strategising and executing digital marketing across the full performance and martech stack. She exemplifies her strategic leadership and passion in content curation and calls to action to support underrepresented groups and help them to grow and realise their full potential.

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Jessa Llabres

Environmental Project Lead

Jessa specialises in humanitarian action, environment, and sustainable development initiatives. She was previously part of the organizing committee of the She for She: Women in Business Forum and currently studies Master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Relations in Paris. She is passionate about environmental protection and previously studied Development Studies in the Philippines. 


Bien King

Co-Founder &

Chief Executive Officer

Bien is an experienced agile project management professional, community builder and youth leader with over 15 years of experience in enabling impact-driven organisations delivering multidisciplinary projects in the UK and across the globe. She is a WEF Global Shaper, a Rotarian, a Toastmaster,  and have previously worked with governments, INGOs and tech companies. She has a Master's degree in International Relations and is a keen designer, programmer, and entrepreneur.


Claudie Bell

Co-Founder & 

Chief Impact Officer

Claudie is a people enabler and a certified breathing coach who is passionate about diversity and inclusion. She is well-versed in cross-cultural communications, conflict resolution, customer journey mapping and learning and development. She has a rich experience in community building, collaboration and risk management. She previously worked for big tech companies (Accenture, Tiktok) and has university degrees in Linguistics, Computer Science and Translation.


Chris Capablanca

Operations Director

Chris is an operational leader with years of experience in analytics, market research, and technology industries. His expertise is in managing global transformation, change projects, process excellence, operations, strategy and planning. He was VP for the Asian Youth Forum and a debate coach at IDEA UK providing opportunities to BAME students.  He is a Prince2 Practitioner and has a Bachelor's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He is also very passionate about arts and loves travelling

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Programme Development Lead

Poala is a global citizen and is very passionate about inclusive development. She gained work experiences in international trade and project management. She currently specialises in curating programmes and integrates best practices and multifaceted perspectives in developing innovative long-term solutions in the areas of Diversity & Inclusion, Technology, Design and Climate Solutions. Poala currently studies Dutch and is based in Brussels.


Diversity & Inclusion Lead


Simone is an experienced youth programmes leader gaining 7 years of track record empowering young people to create positive social change in their lives and communities. He is a strategic planner and a creative director. Originally from Italy, he founded several impact-driven initiatives such as the Speaker Box Street Party, the Black Culture Festival 2020 in London.  He holds a bachelor's degree in International Relations and Politics and a PGCert in International Development.


Diversity & Inclusion Lead

(Women, Refugees, Charities)

Lucia is an advocate of Diversity and Inclusion and worked with charities in the previous years, mentoring or volunteering with vulnerable groups. Her professional background is in the credit and political risk advisory space.  She is always looking for a way to make a positive impact on society driven by the need to educate and consult with stakeholders to foster diverse workplaces with equitable practices. Lucia has a Bachelor’s degree in Human, Social and Political Sciences.


Mitchell Krisnik

Creative Lead

Mitchell is a highly passionate marketing and creative services producer. He is a Minnesota native with an appetite for creating multimedia content and being involved in the end-to-end process of producing compelling stories. Mitchell is also a photojournalist and previously a News Producer  and have have helped organisatitons  to promote initiatives for good. He holds a Bachelor Arts majoring in Integratied Strategic Communication, minoring in Business Administration


Creative Lead

Elizabeth co-founded a nonprofit organisation in Guatemala producing edible insects. She is a digital media entrepreneur and spent the past several years helping a range of nonprofits and social justice organisations enabling diverse audiences to express themselves and inspire action. She is versatile in creating videos, podcasts, and digital campaigns to encourage active citizenship. Elizabeth is based part-time in Washington, D.C. and in Guatemala.


Jesse King

Web & App Developer

Jesse is a developer who specialises in web, mobile and game design. He currently builds the Let's Reinvent's app and interactive web platform. Originally from the Philippines, Jesse started coding at a very young age and has then created various projects ranging from games programming to creative photo & video editing. He currently studies web and mobile applications development and also works on creative projects and designs games applications in his free time.



Juliana Gutierrez

Climate Action Advisor


Karina Jardin

Arts & Cultures Advisor


Diana Akanho

Insights & Impact Advisor


Miholyn Soon

User Experience Advisor


Mathana Stender

Ethics and D&I Advisor


Arthur Gopak

Public Relations Advisor


Chris Samiullah

Business & Tech Advisor


Tieza Santos

Sustainability Portfolio Advisor


Berat Kjamili

Refugee Network Advisor


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