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The newest way to connect to mentors

The omentor app was created to reinvent networking among aspiring changemakers and esteemed reinventors providing opportunities for women, youth and people of underrepresented backgrounds to receive career and personal growth mentorships. 

This initiative is in collaboration with experienced professionals from a wide range of sectors to help individuals thrive and stay on top of their career goals and ambitions.

How it works


Register as a mentee or mentor and create your profile including your bio, interests, contact details, and availability.

Get verified

Make sure to provide a valid identification document and  Only verified profiles will gain access to our social community and interact with our diverse pool of mentors.

Start matching

Our system will match you with relevant mentors based on your location, field of interest, and experience. Mentors have up to 48h to respond to mentorship requests.

Set goals

With our progress tracker, you will be able to monitor your performance and stay on top of your goals. Mentors are available to help you realize your plans through follow-up meetings and evaluation.

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